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5 Tips to Prep Your Kids for Blissful Portraits in Medicine Hat!


May 18, 2023

5 Magical Tips to Prep Your Kids for Blissful Portraits in Medicine Hat!

Oh, the joy of capturing precious moments with your babies through beautiful portraits! Photography sessions become genuinely captivating in the enchanting realm of Medicine Hat, where stunning landscapes and vibrant backdrops await. Do you wonder how we get smiles like this? But to make those portraits truly unforgettable, preparing your little ones for the experience is important. Here are five delightful tips to help you get your children ready for enchanting portraits in the mesmerizing world of Medicine Hat.

1. Plan Ahead and Share the Excitement:

Embark on a magical journey of planning and anticipation with your children. Tell them how excited you are that you will all be going to get your photos done. Share with them how much fun they will have with your “friend” Rachel and that you can’t wait for us all to get together and play. Involving them in the process will fill their little hearts with wonder and eager anticipation, resulting in the most radiant and captivating smiles during the photo shoot. Here are some tried and true hacks for helping get the most cooperation from your little ones.

2. Get Dressed Up In Clothing That Everyone Feels Great In:

Transform your children into charming storybook characters with the perfect outfits. If your daughter loves to feel like a princess, choose some long flowy dresses that are perfect for twirling. Choose clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident while reflecting their magical personalities. By picking the kid’s clothing, you can then find something that will then work for the adults. If you need assistance with this, feel free to give me a call, I would love to help! Let their natural sparkle shine through, and avoid any outfits that may distract from their adorable faces.

3. Bring Treasures and Toys:

Make the photography session even better by encouraging your little ones to bring their cherished treasures or a new toy. For example, I have had parents get a new tractor toy still in the package. The child was overjoyed unboxing it halfway through the session. We got a tonne of fantastic shots with him excited playing with it. I captured his bright big smile when I told him that the toy was going home with him to have forever. These precious items will add a touch of their enchanting personalities to the portraits and keep them entertained throughout. Familiar toys can provide comfort in this unfamiliar realm, making the photography experience an adventure they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

4. The Perfect Hour of Magic:

Timing is everything when it comes to capturing the best portraits. For me, as a photographer, I prefer to shoot in the later evening, closer to sunset. However, we need to balance that want with the needs of the kids that will be photographed. Choose a time of day when your children are usually full of energy and wonder. Avoid scheduling sessions during sleepy hours or when their tummies are rumbling, as it may lead to grumpy spells. By aligning with their natural rhythms, you’ll evoke smiles and giggles that are pure magic.

5. Create a World of Laughter and Delight:

et laughter and joy fill the air like fairy dust during your photography session. Encourage your little ones to be their authentic selves and have a ball. If they are a little older, get them to prepare jokes to share with me. Let them know we will play games like follow the leader, and Simon says. Allow me to sprinkle some magic by telling whimsical stories or playing games. These delightful interactions will bring out the true essence of your children, resulting in portraits that capture their unique charm and wonder.

With careful planning, a sprinkle of excitement, and a dash of magic, you can capture timeless portraits that showcase their whimsical personalities and preserve those precious moments for a lifetime. So, embrace the enchantment, let their spirits soar, and together, create a treasure trove of heartwarming portraits amidst the captivating backdrop of Medicine Hat’s mesmerizing realm.

Would you like to talk more about planning your upcoming portraits? Are you looking for advice on locations for portrait sessions in Medicine Hat? Send me a message HERE, and we can get started on customizing your session right away!



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